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No BukuT.IPB.2011.49
Judul BukuPeranan Pengembangan Infrastructur Dalam Pengentasan Kemiskinan di Indonesia Jawa Dan Luar Jawa
PembimbingDr. Ir. M. Parulian Hutagaol, M.Sc Prof. dr. Ir. Bambang Juanda, MS
AbstrakABSTRAK INDONESIA : Tidak ada ABSTRAK INGGRIS : The development of infrastructure is an important to poverty alleviation from this premise, the study proposes to analyze the impact of infrastructure development on growth in Jaya and Outside Java and to asses whether the growth can effectively reduce poverty. It comes from relation between infrastructure development and poverty mainly indirectly. Using ststic panel data analysis, the result shows that infrastructure such as electricity, water and public health centre have significant and positive impact on growth in Java and so does the employment variable, whereas decentralization has significant and negative impact on growth in Java. For outside Java. Electricity variable, public health centre and employment have significant and positive impact on growth. Road infrastructure isn’t have a significant impact on growth both in Java and outside Java. Estimation result using 2 SLS method shows that growth in Java reduce poverty, but growth in outside Java instead increase poverty. Futher. Unemployment both in Java and outside Java increase poverty, but mean year schooling reduce poverty both in Java and outside Java. Keywords : infrastructure development, poverty allevation, two stage least square mothod