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No BukuT.IPB.2011.44
PenulisR.A. Leisa Triana
Judul BukuPengaruh Kebijakan Subsidi Beras Miskin Dan Batuan Langsung Tunai Terhadap Pengeluaran Telekomunikasi dan Rokok Rumah Tangga Miskin di Pulau Jawa
PembimbingDr. Sri Hartoyo Lukytawati Anggraeni.Ph.D
AbstrakABSTRAK INDONESIA : Tidak ada ABSTRAK INGGRIS : Consumption pattern is one social welfare indicator. Advences information and telecommunication technology may influence consumption behavior of household including poor household. Tobacco expendutre was the bigger one commodity of poor consumption. The objective of this paper was to analyze consumption behavior of telecomminacation and tobacco of poor household in Java during 2008 – 2010 and the influence of rice for thr poor and unconditional direct cash transfer subsidies for consumtion. National Socio Economic Survey Panel 2008 – 2010 data of BPS Statistic Indonesia were used in this study. A descriptive analysis was applied to describe expenditure structure and an econometric analysis of linear Approximation Almost Ideal Demand System (LA/AIDS) was applied to identify telecommunication and tobacco demand. The strudy result were : (1) expenditure of telecommunication and tobacco was rising in rural and urban; (2) expenditure of telecommunication and tobacco was indifferent object to educationof head of household; (3) demand response of telecommunication was elastic both toward income/expenditure and price changes; (4) demand response of tobacco was inelastic toward price changes but eleastic toward income/expenditure changes; (5) in general, demand response of telecommunication and tobacco toward price changes was more elastic in rural households compared to those of urban household; (6) telecommunication and topbacco has substitution relation with the other food group and the other non food group commodity. Considering that telecommunication and tobacco consumption response was much stronger towards income and price changes, subsidy is more effective if distributed in kind rather than cash. Keywords : subsidy, Telecommunication, tobacco, poor household, consumtion, LA/AIDS.