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No BukuT.LN.11.29
UniversitasInternational University Of JAPAN
Judul BukuOutput and Employment of Manufacturing Sector in Central Java Province : Sources of Growth and Multiplier Using the 1-0 tables in 2000 and 2008
PembimbingProf. Osmu Nakamura
AbstrakABSTRAK INGGRIS : The economy of Central Java was mostly supported by the manufacturing sector. It has been one of the main driving forces since its share of total output growth of Central Java was more than 34 percent during the 2009-2008 period. This sector was also able to absorb almost 17 percent of total employment in 2008. The thesis examines the sources of output and employment growth focusing on the manufacturing sector in Central Java’s economy over 2000-2008 using a decomposition method within the input-output (IO) framework. The model uses two comparable IO tables for 2000 and 2008 as the main data sources and accounts for output and employment changes from the demand side. The output growth is decomposed into domestic demand expansion, technological change, export expansion, import substitution and employment coefficient change. In addition, this study also examines output and employment multiplier for the same sector. The result shows that most of the output growth of the manufacturing sector was caused by the effect of import substitution (IS), followed by household consumption (DDI) and export expansion (EE), while import substitution (IS) played a significant role in the employment growth, followed by household consumption (DDI) and tobacco, and wood products were two subsector that had relatively high output and employment multiplier. Keywords : manufacturing, sector, output growth, employment growth, input-output, decomposition, multiplier.