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No BukuT.IPB.2011.37
PenulisBudi Kurniawan
Judul BukuTranformasi Struktural Perekonomian Indonesia alam Kerangka model Input Output Tahun 1971-2008
PembimbingMuhammad Firdaus,SP ,M.Si, Ph.D Dr.Ir.Sri Mulatsih, M.Sc.Agr
AbstrakABSTRAK INDONESIA : Tidak ada ABSTRAK INGGRIS : BUDI KURNIAWAN study of Indonesia Structural Tranformation using the Input Output Framework 1971-2008. Supervised under MUHAMMAD FIRDAUS and SRI MULATSIH. In assening the economic impact of a sector or a group of sectors on a single or multiregional economy, input-output analysis has proven to be a popular method. This paper explores the degree of structural change of the Indonesian economic using input output frame work. It examines how linkages among economic sectores evolved over 1971-2008 and identifies which economic sectors exhibited the highest intersectoral linkages. The study finds that manufacturing is consistenly as the key sector in the Indonesian economic. Indonesian cannot afford to leapfrog the industrialization stage and largely depend on a sevice-oriented economy when the potensial for growth still lies primarily on manufacturing. The graphical presentation of interidustry relationship trough the “Multiplier Product matrix�? (MPM) and its associated “economic landscape�? provides a visualization of the Indonesian economic structure for selected years and how it has changed over time. Keywords : economic landscape, input output model, key sector